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In Othello by William Shakespeare, the characters' actions produce exceptional calamity

and end in the death of a man in high estate. Othello, depicts 3 issues about mankind's

actions.They are a human's response to certain events,   how deception and jealousy

influences a human's actions and the unforeseen disasters the actions may cause.

In Othello by William Shakespeare, every character acts differently to an event that has

happened to them. In a street in Venice, Iago tells Roderigo how much he hates Othello,

but Roderigo wonders why he still serves Othello.

O, sir, content you;

I follow him to serve my turn upon him.

We cannot all be masters, nor all masters

Cannot be truly follow'd.

(Act 1, Scene 1: 41-44 )

Iago processes his plan for revenge in his head. Iago feels that being a knave and

pretending that he is honest to the Moor, he will get his proper revenge. Iago has planned

his actions to be against the Moor. However, Roderigo says that if he were to be in the

same situation as Iago, he wouldn't serve the Moor at all. Roderigo feels that it is

obscured to serve someone you dearly hate, but Iago doesn't think that. Iago is pure evil

in his plan to get revenge on the Moor. He plans to make Othello hate the people that he

once loved.

Deception and jealousy often effects a charater's actions in Othello. Iago, pretending to be

an honest ancient, tells Othello that his wife Desdemona, is sleeping with his lieutenant,


Get me some poison, Iago, this night. I'll not expostulate

with her, lest her body and beauty unprovide my mind

again. This night Iago! (Act 4, Scene 1: 194-196)

Othello believing Iago that Desdemona, is sleeping with his lieutenant, Cassio, already

plans to kill her without consulting with her. Othello is being deceived and made jealous

by Iago. This makes the Moor force himself to make quick decisions that he feels is right.

It is human...


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