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Fast Food Nation - Realistic Solution

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Marcella Luevano

English 100 – Gina Rho

TuThu: 4pm – 6pm

Cerritos College


Response Paper #10

I think that Schlosser’s solution for overcoming the fast food giants is a realistic solution. It would most likely take many years and hard work but I think it could be done. Most people think that solving problems like this is too complicated but everything that seems complicated can be simplified just as Schlosser states, ‘Nobody in the United States is forced to buy fast food. The first step toward meaningful change is by far the easiest: stop buying it.’ This one step is the simplified version of the solution to change the way the fast food industry purchases and prepares the meat that they serve consumers – which is us. Also it would change the way that the meat-packing industry would treat its employes, the quota and standard of meat that should be ready to be shipped off inside our own country. If people demand change then Congress will have no choice but to abide by the will of the people and if people do not voice or show their opinion then nothing will be done to solve the ever-growing problem. This may sound somewhat preachy but sometimes the most obvious answer is the correct one.

The strategy that Schlosser is stating that we should try is to boycott the fast-food restaurants and this strategy has been used many times in our history to force our Congress to

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change its policies, like what African-Americans did in Montgomery, Alabama with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott caused crippling financial deficit for the Montgomery public transit system, because the city's black population who were the principal boycotters were also the bulk of the system's paying customers. If one stops using or buying a certain thing, the person in charge of the service would eventually get the message that something is being done to have all this potential customers not use their service. Then either Congress would...


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