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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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English Compare and Contrast Mini Essay (Blended):   By: Fion Larm

As Allan Beck once said, “A boy is a magical creature- you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can’t lock him out of your heart.” Parents such as Lizzie and Mrs. Boone raise their kids with similarities and differences in the best of their abilities. With struggles such as disabilities, they manage their time by sending letters in showing their love towards them.   Although Lizzie and Mrs. Boone have different methods in raising their sons, they display shared internal values by connecting and loving them in many ways.

Lizzie and Mrs. Boone share similarities by writing letters to their sons. With a difference, Lizzie writes all the letters whom Frankie thinks is his father. Mrs. Boone,   Christopher’s mother,   shows thoughtfulness in writing letters every week to Christopher during her lunch breaks since she abandoned him a few years ago. Lizzie mails Frankie in a regular correspondence when he is not around. Along with differences, Lizzie kept the truth away from Frankie by inventing a story about his father running away and working at sea on the HMS Accra ship. With this invented story, Frankie receives letters from his father of allegedly being a seaman, but in reality it’s his mother writing all of the letters. Lizzie shows protection in trying to not revile whom Frankie’s father is since she doesn’t want him in his son’s life. Both parents are devoted in writing to their sons because they care about their feelings and try to protect them in the greatest matter.

A similarity that both parents share are the disabilities involved with their sons, but with a difference on how their son’s got the disability. Lizzie’s son, Frankie, struggles with a disability of being deaf. Frankie has a hard time hearing things and uses sign language to communicate with other people. Mrs. Boone’s son, Christopher, struggles with high-functioning autism with symptoms such as sensory problems,...


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