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Importance of English Language in Modern World

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Tenses are a form of a verb used to indicate the time, and sometimes the continuation or completeness, of an action in relation to the time of speaking. |
Tense is a method that we use in English to refer to time - past, present and future. Many languages use tenses to talk about time. There are twelve tenses namely;

  1. Present tense
  a. Simple present tense
  b. Present continuous tense
  c. Present perfect tense
  d. Present perfect continuous tense

  2. Past tense
  e. Simple past tense
  f. Past continuous tense
  g. Past perfect tense
  h. Past perfect continuous tense

  3. Future tense
  i. Simple future tense
  j. future continuous tense
  k. future perfect tense
  l. future perfect continuous tense

  A. Simple present tense.
Uses of Simple Present Tense

  1) To express the habitual actions:
  * He always works at night.
  * I have a class every day.
  *   I always go for jogging early in the morning.

  2)   With time clauses expressing routine or habitual actions.
  * Whenever we play we win.
  * When you open door a light goes on.
  * Whenever the sun raises from the east we people wake up.

  3) When we say how often we do things
  * Tashi doesn’t drink tea very often.
  * I get up at 8 o’ clock every morning.
  * How often do you go to hospital?
  B. Present continuous tense.
Uses of Present continuous tense
1) it is used for action happening now.
  * I am writing homework
  * I am writing a letter.
  * She is cooking food.

2) it is used for action happening about this time but not at the movement of speaking.
  * I am reading a play by Shaw.
  * I am playing a game.
  * He is reading a book.
  3) For a definite arrangement in the near future
  * I am meting Peter tonight.
  * I am meeting my father tonight.
  * I am going to sleep after a few hours.

  4) When we talk about changes happening around now.
  * The population of the world is rising very fast.
  * Is your...


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