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Research Paper

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English Writing II (Term 2, 2011)
Chapter 14 Writing a Paper Using Research

Assignment Guidelines
For this assignment, you are going to write up a paper using research and authoritative sources to support your opinions and /or arguments in the paper.

Requirements of the assignment:

A. Choose one of the topics given below and discuss in some detail the issue(s) or problem(s) involved and the solutions to the issue(s) or problem(s):
  1) Genetically Engineered Food
  2) Water Shortage  
  3) World Population  
  4) Western Concept of Beauty  
  5) Deforestation
  Choose a topic that is of interest to you or of public concerns and significance. Also, choose one that you can find useful information in good supply. Make sure you narrow down the topic to make your paper focused.
B. Your paper should be written in the format of a research paper containing the following sections:
    I. Introduction
  II. Body
  III. Conclusion
  IV. Works Cited: Sources that you actually used/cited in the paper (statistics, quotations, paraphrasing, summaries, etc.) 2-3 sources
    V. References or Bibliography (Sources that you read for information but not necessarily cited in the paper.)   3-5 sources
  You may phrase the section headings or sub-headings differently except for IV and V
C. Your paper should be of 1000-1200 words or 5 pages in length.
D. Your paper should include not more than two quotations, each taken from a different authoritative source as a support for your arguments.
E. Your citations, “Works Cited” and “References,” should follow MLA format rules.
F. Your paper should be typed up, double-spaced with one inch margins and properly dated. A cover page is helpful but not required. If included the cover page won’t be counted toward the length requirement of the paper. See pages 410-418 in your book for an example essay.

Your paper is due in Week 17 exact date to be announced later in class.


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