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What Are the Factors Affecting Crusher Production Capacity ?

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Crusher broken ability to break material per unit time the number of its units for general use: t / h.
Impact crusher production capacity is affected by many factors:
1, the hardness of the material. The harder of the material , the more difficult of broken up, and the more serious wear and tear on the equipment. Broken slow, of course, the smaller crushing capacity.
2, the humidity of materials, ie materials containing water when the material in the crusher easy adhesion and easy the next material in the course of transmission congestion, resulting in the crushing capacity decreases.
3, The fineness of the broken material, the fineness requirements, which called for the crushing out of the material is finer, the crushing capacity of the smaller.
4, the composition of the materials. If the material containing the powder before crushing, the more powder, the more different for impact crushing. Because the powder is easy adhesion to impede delivery. Fine powder content in advance should go through a sieve operation.
5, the viscosity of the material. That is, the greater the viscosity of the material, the more likely adhesion.
6, the broken pieces of the broken equipment (hammer, jaw), wear resistance, the better crushing capacity is the greater, if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.
7, the equipment wearing parts has great influence on production capacity and the quality of the broken material. The better wear resistance of broken equipment wearing parts such as hammer, jaw plate , the crushing capacity is the greater. If not , will affect the crushing capacity. In this regard, be sure to keep regular basis for maintenance of jaw crusher . Once find broken on a if broken or damaged , timely replace it, so as not to affect the normal work of the jaw crusher.


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