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What Is Bauxite Rotary Kiln ?

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Bauxite non-metal application
Non-metal uses of bauxite are mainly for refractory materials, abrasive materials, chemicals, and high alumina cement raw materials. Bauxite in the amount of the proportion of non-metallic aspect, though small, but the use is very extensive. Chemicals, for example: sulfate trihydrate, aluminum chloride, and other products can be applied to paper, clean water, ceramics and oil refinery; activated alumina as a catalyst in the chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical industry, catalyst carrier and bleaching, dehydration, degassing, deacidification, dry physical adsorbent; chloride production of r-Al2O3 aluminum available dyes, rubber, pharmaceutical, oil and other organic synthesis applications; 3% to 5% of the glass composition Al2O3 can increase the melting point, viscosity, strength; abrasive materials is the main raw material of advanced grinding wheel, polishing powder; refractory brickwork materials is indispensable to the industrial sector.

Bauxite rotary kiln
The series bauxite rotary kiln is made by the rotating part, the supporting part, gear, kiln hood, kiln kiln inlet seal, incendiary devices and other components. Block casting shield of kilns and kiln material back spoon, easy to install, has a high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, wear resistance, kiln cold air passed through the cooling air of the kiln head tube and kiln The mouth guard uniform cooling, to make it more safe and reliable. The kiln hood with large volume , adopts outside the kiln door structure, making the air flow more smoothly. Kiln head, kiln inlet seal is using the form of radial friction labyrinth fish-scale piece double sealed . It has simple structure, easy maintenance, is currently the most advanced form of the seal. Burning installations with fuel injection ignition swirl pulverized coal burner.Bauxite is the best raw materials, production of aluminum is the most important areas of application, use accounted for more than 90% of total...


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