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Lime Rotay Kiln Process Description

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Limestone in the preheater is to be heated to 900 degrees by 1150 degrees Celsius kiln flue gas , about 30% decomposition, through hydraulic push rod, are pushed into the rotary kiln, limestone calcination in the rotary kiln is decomposed into CaO and CO2. Generated after the decomposition of lime into the cooler, cold air into the drum in the cooler discharge cooled to 100 degrees Celsius. 600 ° C hot air heat exchange into the kiln and mix with the gas fuel. Exhaust then blended with cold air into the bag filter, by the induced draft fan, exhaust fan discharged into the chimney. Discharge cooler of lime by the vibrating feeder, bucket chain transport aircraft, bucket elevator, belt conveyor into the lime storage library. Users need to determine whether need the screening processes.

Lime Kiln technical characteristics:
Lime Kiln technical characteristics: lime kiln is characterized by advanced structure, low pressure loss of the vertical preheater ,can effectively improve the warm-up effect, the decomposition rate of up to 20-25% after preheating the limestone into the kiln, and direct use of 10 - 15mm fine grade limestone; lime rotary kiln rotary kiln at both ends of the modular scales sealed. Circular or square vertical cooler, less than 10% of the composite refractory material in order to reduce radiation heat loss by air leakage coefficient; lime kiln filling, you can partition ventilation resorted to the lime of the cooler temperature of 800C + ambient temperature, ease of transportation, storage, and can be kiln secondary air is preheated to above 7000C, to reduce moving parts and special materials.

Our company through many years of manufacturing to installation and commissioning of limestone production line practice, combined with the latest concept of the limestone production at home and abroad, has developed a new type of environmental protection and energy saving limestone rotary kiln system.

Process and characteristics of the new limestone...


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