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The Attributes of a Great Leader

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A leader is anyone who influences change. Gandhi, Mandela and Caesar are considered to be marvelous leaders. What make these leaders significant are their characteristics. To be a great leader, one should have intelligence, wisdom, self-confidence and engagement.
                    First of all, an excellent leader must be knowledgeable and experienced. Therefore, intellectuality is one of the most prominent features that a great leader must have. According to Justin Menkes, a leading expert in the field of c-suite talent evaluation, at the executive intelligence group, "Personality is not a differentiator of star talent. It is an individual's facility for clear thinking or intelligence that largely determines their leadership success.” This statement shows that a successful leader has to be intelligent. Further more, an intelligent leader should be persistent. For example, if there are any difficulties in handling a situation or fixing a problem, he would be able to pass these obstacles. Sagacity is a major attribute of an outstanding leader. A sage leader has a deep understanding of the environment that surrounds him. Therefore, whenever his people are in trouble, he should be present to give them advice and instructions. Also, when there is any hitch he should be able to put the things right easily. In concluding, a leader that lacks intelligence and wisdom would never succeed.
                    In addition, great leaders need to be self-assured and they must involve their people into various issues. Thus, leadership requires self-confidence. A leader must believe in himself to reach success. He also needs to be self-assured of what he’s doing. No one would trust a leader that is not sure of what he’s doing, but they would trust a self-possessed leader. For example, the people of India wouldn’t have followed Gandhi if it wasn’t for his conviction. Moreover, a great leader should be engaged with his people. He should involve his people in several issues. He...


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