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Yale College Essay

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Yale College
38 Hillhouse Ave. New Haven, CT 06511
Student Enrollment | 5,310 |
Tuition | $52,950 |
Room and Board | $11,000 |
Majors | School of Architecture, School of Art, Divinity School, School of Drama, School of Engineering, School of Environmental Studies, Law School, School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Music |
Clubs and Activities | “Making Sense of Religion”, “Three Card Monte”, Yale – New Haven Yiddish Reading Group, Greek Dinner, Argentine Tango Class |
Sports Teams | Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Canoeing, Football |
Requirements for Admission | $100.00 Online Application, 1 Page Autobiography, 3 References, Transcripts, Portfolio of Work, Interview |

As it seems that it may be a theme of these two college reports, I like that this school is also one of the higher prestigious schools. Yale is probably as high known and revered as Harvard or Oxford. I wouldn’t say that its requirements are as difficult to achieve as Dartmouth’s, but it does have quite an application fee and does need 3 references from current working academic advisors (teachers?).

From what I can tell… The only thing I dislike about this college is its over-the-top application fee. Personally, $100.00 is a bit much. Plus, it’s a nonrefundable, online application. I wouldn’t pay that much just due to the fact that there is a possibility of failure and I would have wasted a good $100.00.

As the other school I reviewed, this school is mostly known for its reputation and such. I’m not fond of college sports, so I’m not exactly sure if their teams are good or not.


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