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Slim to None Diet

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Slim to None
Jessica Sommerville
Self-image is a huge part of our daily lives. The way we perceive ourselves reflects our emotions and actions towards others but more prominently, in most people’s lives, is the way others see us. Society has cornered us into believing that the people we see on T.V, celebrities etc. are the pure staples of how men and women are supposed to look. As time has progressed, not only has technology advanced, but so has self-consciousness. With the progression of our societies advancing more rapidly, the technologies we create to make our lives easier must also advance. This has pushed science to the limits creating many different ideas and materials that are able to help humans maintain a certain “self-image” that society has made us accept as “beautiful”. The implementation of dieting, diet pills and the constructed social stigma all has had a profound impact on the way we view ourselves in the collective.
Each year, Canadian’s spend up to about $40 billion on weight-loss related programs and help sessions. This statistic alone tells you how important self-image is to the average person. With the implementation and improvisation of many different programs, the scientific method has perfected techniques allowing people to get results quicker. Firstly, the motivation for dieting in the first place begins with a dissatisfaction of one’s self appearance. This immediately prompts change in those individuals who have a strong behavioral intention. This also strongly conflicts with societal norms. In today’s age, there seems to be a strong preference for people to right away lose weight once they feel they do not fit in with what our society has defined as “beautiful”. Not only have dieting programs been fine-tuned since their inception into society. There are literally thousands of different diets out there all with their own special beneficial pros which help aid those who wish to lose weight but at the same time spend thousands of...


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