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Fashion and Social Media in 2030

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Communication has changed drastically in 2030. The quantity of communication has increased. You can have contact with people all over the world, every minute of the day due to the fact that everybody is in the possession of multiple social devices. The network has been improved and faster than ever. However the quality has decreased sharply. Nowadays the internet is one big archive of personal data. Everybody knows everything about everyone. Tweets, photo’s, updates and statements from years ago are there to be found on the internet. Social media like Twitter and Facebook have reached their top and in 2030 there are many more social providers.

Twenty years ago we were already dealing with this problems but we have never thought that it would go this far. Our biggest fears from those days have now become reality. Would you have published your holiday pictures, your vision about the government and shared your locations knowing what you know now? Every move is supervised. All activities are tracked and reported. The internet has brought us so many great things but we are now heading to a break down. People cannot deal with the daily situation any longer since it taking for so long already.

Even though social media creates a more connected world on the other hand it causes individualization. The continuous change in media ensures that traditional boundaries are blurring.

Political direction
Because of the further expansion of economic and political globalization, countries are more connected with each other. Global cultures are more similar and trade barriers have been lowered. The freedom of worldwide trade gave a boost to the economy. However the EEC has struggled the past few years with an economic and financial crisis, it is back on track and third in line of the economic rulers. The rivalry between the USA and BRIC countries is stronger than ever. America is about to be pushed from its throne.

During the climate convention of 2015 it was decided...


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