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Stay at Home Parents

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Stay at home Parents
In this five paragraph essay I will be talking about stay at home moms and dads. Not only will I be talking about that, but I will be breaking it into different paragraphs by separating the stay at home moms and dads. You would think that they are the same things, but they are different at the same time. So pay attention so you can understand where the differences and even the similarities are. Note whether you can figure out if you think there are more pros then cons about being a stay at home parent.

In my first paragraph, I will be talking about the stay at home dad. Being a stay at home has its advantages as well as disadvantages. I’ll start by talking about the advantages. It’s more important and more advantageous for men to establish fulfilling relationships with their children. Many men are now becoming more involved in their children's lives, and because of that many men now have a better understanding of what life is like for their child growing up in the current times. Life is a lot more difficult for the kids and teens today than it ever has been before, and a lot of parents seem to have a hard time believing that. Now I’ll describe the disadvantages. The role of stay-at-home dad is difficult for men who feel as though they had no option. It is hard for these men to adapt from being a financial provider in the family to being a homemaker. The men who willingly choose to become a stay-at-home dad are much more satisfied with their role in the family.

In my second paragraph, I will be focusing on the stay at home moms. Now in my opinion, I think that the stay at home mom, is the most common type of parent that chooses to stay home. The duties of a stay at home mom, in my opinion are more than the stay at home dad because there are more things that I think that she will do for her kids. There are at a lot of things I can think of off the top of my head that I know that a mom is literally required to do. Here they are the...


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