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A Moment of Shock

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A moment of shock (Alexandre Siqueira)
The day is perfect. The sun is warm and the wind touches my face with its soft breeze. I see my bicycle sitting in the garage and I call out to my cousin as it reminds me of a day similar to this...
We went for a picnic at an aquatic centre with the church group. My cousins and I were the only ones with no parents. No parents meant no rules, no boundaries and no telling off. We rode our bikes on that particular day. We had with us my cousin’s semi-new bicycle. It was a silver shining mountain bike. We called it ‘monster’ because it was aggressive and fast. And we also had my aunt’s old pink dilapidated bicycle which was on its last days. The day went on and it felt like it couldn’t get any better, but unfortunately at the end of the day the fun was over and it was time to head home. On our way home we decided to walk and push the bikes as we were too tired to ride up the hill. As we were walking, two middle aged men approached us and asked for directions. My cousin Victor, the youngest, almost immediately started explaining, even though he had no clue whatsoever of where those men were heading. It was funny at first. His brother Washington and I were laughing, wondering if they were going to stop listening to him blather. We interrupted and told them the right direction. They slowed down their pace and we over took them and continued up the hill.
We soon forgot about those men. It was a good day! The wind blew through my hair, the sun shone down at us as we socialized, feeling no rush to get home. We talked, laughed and remembered the blunders that each of us made.
It was sudden. I realized that I was being grabbed by the arm. I looked up and it was one of the men and this time they weren’t friendly. They wanted something. We stopped. They told us to give them the bikes. It was unreal!   Was I being robbed? I’ve never been robbed before. I didn’t know what to do and even though their orders were given, I froze! My heart...


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