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Psych Essay

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Chapter 10
1. Jenny is someone who anticipates positive outcomes. What type of trait does she have?
A. Placebo effect
B. Behaviorism
C. Optimism
D. Pessimism
Chapter 11
2. What part of our personality provides us with the ability to make judgmental decisions?
A. Superego
B. Ego
C. Unconscious

Chapter 12
3. Growing up, Marshall would behave around his parents due to the fact that he would get rewarded for being on good behavior. His parents used which therapy type?
B. Cognitive Therapy
B. Operant Conditioning
D. Averse Conditioning
E. Good Boy Therapy
Chapter 13
4. Analysts would make a(n)   _______ certain events and chains of thought in order to promote hindsight.  
A. Interpretation
B. insight
C. Transference
D. Resistance
Chapter 14
5. Danny, the team’s 3rd baseman, boots a routine groundball in the final out of the final game, leading to them lose the game in extra innings. It’s a team’s game, however, someone is always left to be blamed. What theory is this?
A. Scapegoat theory
B. Social trap
C. Placebo theory
D. Passionate love
Chapter 7
6. ______ is a phenomenon that people claim to, at times, have when given a sense that they’ve “been here before.”
A. Recall
B. Implicit Memory
C. Automatic processing
D. Déjà vu
Chapter 9
7. Due to finals coming up, Tasha is having a hard time balancing everyday goings. She is trying to deal with what?
A. Biofeedback
B. Catharsis
C. Stress
D. Coping

Chapter 5
8. Bobby has a knack of having the ability to create new ideas that seem to impress his peers. What kind of trait does he have?
A. Creativity
B. Intelligence
C. Imaginative thinking
D. Heritability
Chapter 4
9. What is the principle by which we organize the perceptual field into stimuli that stand out and those that are left over?
A. Opponent-process theory
B.   Figure ground relationship
C. trichromatic theory
D. Binding

Chapter 10
10. Will goes to every football...


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