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Some People Believe That the Fittest and Strongest Individuals and Teams Always Succeed in Sports. Others Think That Success in Sports Depends on Mental Attitudes. Discuss Both These Views and Give Your Opinions.

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A strong and sophisticate physical condition for a sportsman is an essential element to win the game; thus, the majority of the coaches pour their efforts to train the athletes’ physical power. However, there is a general debate focusing on whether the physical strength is the only fundamental element for a sportsman to win the match.

Supporting idea: When people appreciate various of sport games, they always admire athletes’ power,   flexibility and strength. Seeing that a professional athlete needs abundant and adequate power to finish the competition successfully, the main training they should take is the physical strength training. All champions, as we know, win the golden medals through earnest and hard physical training. Some of them spend more than ten hours in doing training exercises. Obviously, without hard training, no one can become an outstanding winner at all. Furthermore, it is a not denying fact that persistent training can promote athletes’ skills such as diving, achieving excellent performance, or else.

Opposing idea: Although, physical strength training plays a significant role in the process of athletes’ winning the game, spirit and mental attitude also determine the competition finality. An athlete who wants to win must have intense desire to success. Meanwhile, powerful mental attitude can trigger athlete's potential ability. On the contrary, a sportsman might fail attributing to the weak mental attitude even if he’s got enough strength.

My idea: To summarize, a successful athlete needs a combined-power of physical and mental. Only when the physical training and mental positive attitude combine together can a successful tournament be done. Both of physical and mental training are especial factors, a strong athlete can not win without a positive attitude, vice versa.


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