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Coming of Age in a Wartime Environment

Living in a wartime environment, acts as a stimulant to the mature behavior of an adolescent at an extensive capacity, with symptoms of depression, withdrawal, or love that a minor does no usually experience. War happens to always be the topic of discussion that is widely distributed throughout the war. They would talk about the soldiers, the countries, the problems or crisis, family but what they don’t happen to be concerned with is the teenagers themselves. They don’t happen to notice those families who had suffered greatly within the war disputing in their homes. That these teenagers can no longer experience their childhood to its maximum but to see their image of their world fall apart. With their hopes and dreams which an adolescent begins to explore are shattered, they have to face what an adult nor child would usually have to look towards to. They have to experience being locked into a camp, going in hiding, and even worse death.
“I do not have a friend” said Anne Frank. Do children in our time not have friends? Anne Frank is a girl whom went into hiding during the Holocaust in which millions of Jews were killed in concentration camps. A time when they establish rules for Jews in order to socially outcast them from the rest of their community, their old friends or neighbors, because of what they believe in and then kill them. As for Anne Frank, she did not have a friend because of her sudden twist in life. Her friends disappeared from her and she’s stuck with her family, all day every day, until she is sick, sick of being caged. Leading to loneliness and therefore turns into depression, when a child should be feeling their innocence of childhood instead of their slow and excruciating escape from death.
“Death enveloped me, it suffocated me. The idea of dying, of easing to be, began to fascinate me. To no longer exist. To no longer feel the excruciating cold, nothing.” Thinks Elie Wiesel At the age of a young...


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