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Mohammed Makki
        Period: 5th
      Mr. Rusniak


It was a bitterly when my friends were coming back from a saturday night party.

The weather outside was really bad. It was snowing hard, and the roads were very slippery. All of

my friends were drunk except John. He doesn't drink at all. He's a really good student and cares

about his future, but he still hangs with them. He keeps his studying seperate from going to partys.

"Hey, Mark, where do you go right now because I don't feel like going home?" John said.

"I don't know, bro. Let’s just chill around this area for a bit then just crash at my house,"

Mark said.

Suddenly their car skidded and went down a ditch. John lost his control over the steering

wheel and it just kept going the other direction. Noone was there to help them out. It was 3 a.m

and the roads were empty. John tried to start his car but it wouldn't. He kept trying for five

minutes. Then he gave up. It was so cold that outside they wouldn't go outside and walk

somewhere else to find help. Elizebeths didn't have her phone with her, and Mark lost his phone

while he was partying, and John's phone lost its charge. They were in deep trouble now.

" Where are we?" asked Elizebeth.

" We're stuck in a ditch, and the car won't start, Elizebeth, I guess you should go back to

sleep because we might have to stay here the whole night," said John.

"Are you crazy John?! I'm not going to stay in this car the whole night, its so cold out here," said Mark.

            "Aight then you go find some help then," said John.

Mark walked about one mile and came back to the car. He couldn't find any help, and he

was scared that he might get lost. He was drunk too. When Mark came back, John tried to start

the car again but it wouldn't start. Mark and John then got out of the car, and they tried to pull the...


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