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Alternative Energy and Its Suitability in Nepal

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Alternative Energy and Its Suitability in Nepal
Alternative Energy refers to any source of usable energy in the replacement of fossil fuel. The various types of Alternative Energy include Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Fossils fuels etc. In a general sense in contemporary society, alternative energy is that which is produced without the undesirable consequences of the burning of fossil fuels, such as high carbon dioxide emissions, which is considered to be the major contributing factor of global warming. Due to geographical condition of Nepal it seems easier to use alternative energy instead of fossil fuel.
Fossil fuels like natural gas and crude oil are non renewable as well as harmful to the environment upon burning. Hence the need for an alternative energy source arises. Fossil fuels are naturally occurring energy sources, which are formed from dead plants, and creatures buried under soil some millions of years ago. At the current rate of consumption it's difficult to extract newly formed fossil fuels as the rate of production of such fossil fuels is extremely slow which will take hundreds of years. Fossil fuels contribute largely to global warming which has become a major environmental issue. Alternative energy will not get depleted unlike crude oil and they can be used repeatedly.
The major alternative sources of energy and their suitability in Nepal are discussed below:
  1) Hydro Electricity
  * Nepal is a landlocked country occupying the southern slope of the Himalayas, and therefore has a tremendous hydroelectric potential.
  * Our country has lot of sloppy land due to which water can be made to flow with high speed to rotate the turbine of the power plant.
  * Our country has lot of water resources (permanent river) produced by the melting of ice.

  2) Solar Energy
  * It is this free and environmentally sustainable energy source.
  * Nepal is blessed with more than 312 days of sunshine averaging approximately six hours per day, allowing...


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