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Predominate Prospero

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The Predominate Puppet Master
“Shakespeare makes an unanticipated appearance in the Tempest in the shoes of Prospero”(Elvis). Prospero plays the role of both the victim and the victimizer. Prospero likes to do what any normal human does, participate in activities that interest and make him happy. The only difference is Prospero attempts to control his surroundings while not doing anything at all. This gives the reader a sense of dominance and knowledge through Prospero, but causes a loss of interest due to his constant demanding personality. Not even his daughter seemed to take interest in his speeches due to her ease of distraction from his lectures.   Prospero has everyone’s best interest at heart, and only plots to put them all under his wing to better and enlighten them. Prospero, however, doesn’t understand his approach is a little harsh and too forward. What may not matter to him may strongly anger or hurt another. In “The Tempest,” Prospero draws a surprising parallel between his victimized and victimizing behavior in order to emphasize his approach towards a unique placement of order in the world.
Prospero was overthrown from dukedom due to his unsuccessful attempt at multitasking with hobbies and work. He got preoccupied with his hobbies and neglected his job landing him in the position he is in. Prospero will live on an island with nothing but his daughter and books. Prospero now uses his books to put his hobby to good use. He plans to get revenge on everyone who betrays him using his magical powers. So,
this causes the reader to make a quick analysis of Prospero’s place in the story as a victim or the victimizer. Prospero may be the victim, but certainly doesn’t portray it. His actions controlling fate and playing puppet master show his true colors. Prospero continues his controlling behavior on the island with his daughter and the inhabitants of the island.   Prospero gets too occupied with this behavior that he does not realize he just did the...


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