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The Day I Found a Pet

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-The day I found a pet-

One hot sunny afternoon, Jenny and I had enthusiastically planned to go to the stadium to watch a football match between the Arsenal and the Manchester United. That morning, I woke up early. I felt extremely excited because I was going to watch my favourite football team's kick off. After I had finished packing all my stuff including the camera, I skipped down the stairs for breakfast. Then, I ran to Jenny's house to meet her before we proceeded to the stadium.

After fifteen minutes, we reached the Emirates Stadium. We could hear the football fans shouting to support their favourite team. Once inside the stadium, we could see the head coach of Arsenal giving instructions and planning strategies with the players.

Within minutes, the match between the Arsenal and the Manchester United began. For the first thirty minutes, there were no goals scored between these two teams. Seven minutes later, to everyone's surprise, the Arsenal team won a free kick. Mikel Arteta took his place and shot a wonderful curved ball into the net. The opponent's goal keeper tried to save the ball but in vain.

Soon, the first half of the match ended and all the players had twenty minutes to rest. When the second half started, the two teams were so competitive that they could not score. But surprisingly, the match finally ended with 1-0 and Arsenal won. All the Arsenal fans cheered at the top of their voices and immediately celebrated the victory by releasing numerous colourful balloons into the air. After the prize giving ceremony, all the spectators left the stadium. Jenny and I also went home.

On the way home, we felt hungry. So, we stopped at a hawker stall for Nasi lemak. There, I saw two naughty children trying to torture a liitle puppy to death by squashing it between two stools. Jenny and I immediately rushed foward to stop them. Then, the two boys fled as fast as lightning.

The little creature looked so scrawny and miserable that Jenny cried...


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