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Flowers for Algernon - Paper

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In the novel Flowers for Algernon scientific discovery helps improve the quality of life. The main character Charlie Gordon undergoes an operation to make him mentally smart.   Before the operation he was mentally challenged, after the operation his quality of life improves.   He was very smart after the operation.   The operation improves his life in these three areas; his ability to read and write, his ability to socialize and to travel.   This is why the scientific procedure enhanced his quality of life.
The operation improves Charlie’s ability to read and write because with his new abilities he would be able to get a normal job and have a successful life. This is true because on page 20 he says “I want to go back to werk in the bakery and not rite progris progress reports anymore”. He is learning to read and write and wants to use his skills in the bakery.   The final reason is when he says “everybody on the floor came around and they were laff laughing and frank Reilly said yes Charlie you been here long enuff enough” on page 32. This shows that he is learning how to write, he is beginning to understand how to spell things.   Having the ability to read and write is important because you would be able to read books, send letters to your friends, and be able to read things you would see in a normal day. This allows Charlie to understand what is happening and understand information.   These are reasons why scientific discovery helps him read and write.
The operation improves Charlie’s ability to socialize when he starts to engage in a relationship first with Alice and then with Fay.   On page 94 he says “two of us lying in each other’s arms. Would you like to come in? I could make you some coffee”.   Charlie is able to act normally in different social situations.   Before the operation Alice would come over to his house and he would act weird.   After the operation, Charlie acts like a gentleman and knows what Alice likes.   Also, before the operation Charlie didn’t...


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