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Happiness Cannot Buy You Happiness

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Can money really buy happiness?
Some of you may be thinking umm da how couldn’t it!
But what is the definition “happiness” your speaking of?
If it means owning newer appliances than before,
If it means going out to eat dinner more often,
Then money can buy you happiness.

But if it means enjoying life to the fullest,
Than no money can’t buy you happiness.
Let me just say that money brings joy but not
Happiness. It’s like when you’re seven
You play with a new toy for a week of two,
Then it becomes one of your many toys,
Nothing special.

Money can buy a house but not a home.
Money can buy a clock but not time.
Money can buy a book but not knowledge.
Money can buy blood but not life.
Money can buy medicine but not health.

A very rich man was once interviewed,
He said “I have so much money,
I can purchase anything I want,
But I am not happy and satisfied.
Because my relationships have become artificial.
Everyone pretends to love me but they really love my money”.

So if you are unhappy and think money is the answer to your problem-
Think again! Even if you were going to win the lottery tomorrow, that pleasure wouldn’t last long.
There’s a saying that if your not happy here and now,
You will never be.
A penniless child out in the rain can be happy at the thought if a real shower after days of burning heat
While a rich man may view the same rain from his window reminding him of his lady love.
I hope you will now agree with me,
That money that money doesn’t always buy happiness.  

By Sam M
Rm 26


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