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Football Log Book

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Activity; Football.1.Who is the governing body for this sport and what is the website address?The governing body for the sport football is the Federation Internationale de Football Association, this is also known as FIFA – www.fifa.com , also the governing body in England has an additional name known as The football association, also known as FS – www.thefa.com .

  List and explain below 5 national Governing Body rules for this sport-
During the course which you are a footballer you are not allowed to take any drugs during your career.
You can't touch the ball with your arms or hands.
You are not allowed to speak to the referee in an abusive tone or aggressive words.
The offside rule; Only if you are on the other teams half you can not be passed the ball if you are nearer to the oppositions goal then one person on the opposite team.

  Draw a diagram of the playing area, with important specifications.
  4. What is the timing regulations associated with this sport?
    The game is 90 minutes long, the game consists of two halves both 45 minutes long. The referee has the decision before the game has ended to add extra time at the end (minutes); this is called extra time or injury time.
  5. Draw two hand signals in this sport.
  6. Briefly explain how a competitive game is scored in the sport.  
  A competitive goal is scored when the ball is passed over the line of where both poles of the goal then meet. This is the only way of scoring a goal in football.7. Explain four health and saftey issues concerned with this game.
  -All players must wear shin pads, this is to protect there shins during the game.
  -All players must wear the correct footwear; this is because it could injure the other players; if it is muddy then the players need to wear studs and if the ground is dry then the players must wear molded studs.
  -Any players that is aggressive or endangering the other players during the game is given a yellow card...


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