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Two Cases of Extreme Isolation

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Two Cases of Extreme Social Isolation
By: Ju-Hana lee
  1. Anna was a young girl dressed in a dirty shirt and napkin. Her hands, arms and legs were just bones with skin drawn over them.
  2. Anna’s behavior was completely unresponsive. She lay on her back immobile, expressionless and indifferent to everything when she was found.
  3. The reason that was given for Anna’s condition was due to malnourishment when it was given that she had no symptoms or signs of disease.
  4. In Anna’s behavior and abilities that improvements that were credited was with the result of high vitamin diet, massage and attention, she become fairly active.
  5. Isabelle’s behavior when she was found was almost that of a wild animal towards strangers, especially men. Instead of speaking, she made only a strange croaking sound and in many ways acted like an infant.
  6. The reason that was given for her condition was that she was secluded from everyone else and spent most of her time with just her mother. As a result, she had no chance to develop speech and communicated with her mother, it was by means of gesture because her mother was deaf.
  7. She improved when the individuals that were in charge of Isabelle began a systematic and skillful program of training. She began to gradually respond to pantomime and dramatization, and after the first hurdles had at last been overcome.

Characteristics | Anna | Isabelle |
Like other Humans |     * Is able to learn   * Behavior can be like of a child |     * Acted as any other deaf children   * Learned stages from years one to six |
Unlike other Humans |     * Motionless   * Unresponsive   * Strapped lying down |     * Behavior was that of a wild animal   * Made strange croaking sounds |
  8. The human behaviours we learn is that when you don’t socialize with other human beings, you develop no social skills and are unable to react with them. Such as Isabelle acted like a wild animal when confronted with strangers. Well as Anna was...


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