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The Right Age To Have A Beer

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In 1984, by the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, the drinking age that was originally 18 years of age turned to 21. Ever since then millions of complaints, arguments, and legal cases have occurred from this. I myself also agree that the United States would be better off with a lower drinking age because it teaches greater responsibility among teenagers, it allows men and women who work overseas in the army to be able to have a beer when they get home, and at 18 your considered an adult and gain the right to vote, so why wouldn’t you be able to have a beer.
Many arguments that are for the drinking age of 21 state that one of the main reasons why the drinking age hasn’t lowered is because they don’t want more teenagers being able to get alcohol and abuse it. I argue this point because already, even with the drinking age at 21, 80% of teens in high school admit they have drank alcohol before(Dowshen). That is 8 out of every 10 teenagers you see walk passed you. I don’t understand how lowering it could make such an alarming rate of teens already even go up more. Some surveys even asked eighth graders about how easy it is for them to get alcohol and nearly 71% of them said they could get it right now. So, it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the drinking age was actually lowered. People often view 18 year olds as screw ups and they haven’t had the experience to really perform well in life yet. Well if you have a 21 year old drunk next to an 18 year old drunk, I doubt you could really tell a difference in whose acting more responsibly besides the fact yes one is breaking the law at that point. Also, drinking at a lower age will provide maturity. Maturity in the fact that now 18 year olds will have to make smarter decisions on how much they drink, if they should even drive after drinking, and what people they should be around when they’re drinking, just like any 21 year old would have to make as they’re consuming alcohol. Education levels shouldn’t make a...


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