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How Has Your Life Changed Since You Arrived to the U.S

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Have you ever thought back about your life? How is it? To me, I think my life have not had any special things. It is really boring because I just do routine works days by days. Therefore, when intructor asks me: "Do you think what you could do to change your life?", it is so hard for me to answer it. I am 23 years old now, and I am studying foreign language to prepare to study my major in the future. But from the depth of the soul, I want to do one small thing to help poor people in my country have basic conditions to live.

Vietnam is a quite poor country, and there still have a lot of poor people. I don’t know where and when I have a dream to contribute my ability to make a basic living standard for them. Maybe I am effected by my parents’ education, and teach words about loving people in my religion. When I was at home, I went to orphans ward, and elders ward where they don’t have any taking care from family with my friends from the church. I remembered orphans’ smile, elders’ tears when we went to visit and share with them on the occasion of holidays. That’s why I always think and I wish I could help them feel loving their lives more, and forget their unfortunates.

With only myself and right now, I think one thing I can do is to try to study hard to help me get a good job in the future. It doesn’t mean that I don’t help children now, even though I don’t earn money, I still send my dream to poor children by contributing a little money and praying “God bless them”. Whenever I can earn money, I join charities and try my best to give them helpings about substance and spirit.

In fact, saying help other people is easier than do it, but I hope I will do it. Although it is only to help poor people in my country, I think and I hope that is a starting point to let me go on my dream through over the world.


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