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Juvenile Law

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Running head: NEW JUVENILE LAW

New Juvenile Law
Bruce Williams
Texas School of Business

CM 102
Mr. Durkin

New Juvenile Law
A famous quote from President Bush following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, "I want justice...There's an old poster out West, as I recall, that said, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'" Juveniles have been committing crimes since before the 1900s. The question is how much can we tolerate on the amount of crime being committed.   First time juveniles should be processed and sent to Iraq because it is easier to control crime rate, with youth criminals there will be a domino effect, also juveniles in this generation know the laws.
The adult crime rate is one thing but when juvenile crime rate is high people wonder if the world will ever be safe. “In 2008, law enforcement agencies in the United States made an estimated 2.11 million arrests of persons younger than age 18” (Puzzanchera, 2009). That is a devastating number for the amount of youth that were arrested considering there is 365 days in a year. In Morgan County, “41% of all Residential Burglary (Felony B) charges filed in 2008 were committed by juveniles” (Burnham, 2008). 41% out of 100% that leaves 59% of burglary charges from adults. That is a very high rate for minors. During the Iraqi war United States soldiers were being approached by Iraqi youth with weapons for no apparent reason. “…researcher Lee Khadafy poverty of the most important causes of juvenile delinquency and told (Voices of Iraq) that "poverty is playing a negative role in the life of society and affects an individual's personality and psychological and social growth"(Investors Iraq, 2012). Just like the United States juveniles in poverty tend to steal, kill, or lie.   While there is issues controlling juvenile crime rate, juveniles killing each other also comes into play.
Just like falling dominoes juveniles will have a domino effect when it comes to committing crimes. “Murders of children by other children have...


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