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Cars Are a Necessity

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Nowadays almost every family in developed countries have a car. The car is used every day to get around, go to and from work and to visit friends.   However, should we use cars that much?   Are cars a necessity? There are many points on both sides of the argument. Although cars give us freedom and convenience, they cause too much pollution and it is expensive to run a car.

One of the main arguments why cars are a necessity is the fact that cars give us freedom.   Firstly, having a car allows us to live wherever we want. Without a car, we cannot imagine living somewhere where there is no public transport or is far away from service facilities such as rural areas in Australia. Without a doubt, cars give us more choices about where we live. Secondly, cars give us the freedom to go where we want when we want. For instance, with a car, we can go out at late night without worrying about the timing of public transport and can go further away from our home.   Therefore, cars make freedom in our lives possible.

Another argument why cars are a necessity is the fact that cars bring convenience to us.   Unlike a train or bus which we have to catch at a station, car is ‘door to door’ transport, which we might get in and out in the front the door.   Additionally, cars are convenient for transporting goods. With a car, anyone, including disabled people can carry heavy stuff over long distances. Recently, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada have issued Google with the first ‘self-driving’ car license to conduct on road tests. To drive a ‘self-driving’ car, all we need to do is to tell the car where we want to go and put your seatbelt on. That’s it. In the near future, even blind people will be able to drive a car to get around.

These arguments may appear strong reasons why cars are a necessity, but there are also reasons against. The strongest argument is the fact that cars cause too much pollution.   Cars are one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions....


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