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The Ball Mill Equipment Technology Advances so Fast

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The ball mill equipment technology advances so fast_Ivylm522The crusher is the impact the role of materials broken.From the external structure, the crusher is somewhat similar to the hammer crusher, but there are many obvious differences: the crusher hammer firmly fixed on the rotor, in broken machinery to take full advantage the energy of the whole rotor, which is conducive to crushing the bulk material; crusher counterattack units and larger crushing chamber, the crushing of the material not only rely on the hammer impact, but also the use of materials and the impact of the back plate and the material in the crushing chamber within the mutual collision; the bottom of the crusher does not grate broken product particle size by the gap between the back plate and hammer the decision, they were able to avoid the wet material clogging the grate of the phenomenon.Use of the impact of this crusher broken objects along the fragile surface fragmentation, crushing, high efficiency, less energy consumption, large output, uniform particle size; broken than large, simple structure, easy fabrication; with selective crushing, density of materials broken particle size is small and large particle size, density of the material broken.The main disadvantage of crusher hammer wear faster, and dust.Crusher can be used as materials crushing, the crushed and broken bits.

Ball Mill can cause changes in other properties, and greatly improve the effect of the use of materials and utilization along with the demand for continuous improvement of mining machinery mill, ordinary milling The machines have been met not growing out of powder require large vertical milling machine came into being in large-scale cement, metallurgy industry, vertical milling machine has compared to conventional milling, to overcome the many shortcomings of the milling, but also set the high-pressure advantages in a milling machine, and gradually become a modern cement, metallurgical industry production line, the...


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