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See the Ball Mill Not to Be Underestimated Role

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See the Ball mill not to be underestimated role_Ivylm522so that products reach the final moisture in the vertical roller mill materials can be dried up to 12 ~ 15% water, dry milling, only drying water for 3 to 4 percent of the material within the material in the mill residence time is short, easy detection of the product particle size and chemical composition of and control, product quality is stable rotation of the blade raised material was thrown between the roller and grinding ring roll mill roll grinding to reach the parts of the crushing and grinding of the role of compression devices is to provide a grinding roller mill pressure , which consists of high-pressure filling stations, hydraulic cylinder rod, accumulator, etc., to the grinding rollers exert enough pressure so that the material crushed and the manganese industry leaders apply, with a high yield, low energy consumption, no dust, Unmanned operation - efficient high-yield, energy saving and environmental protection due to the material contained in the water when grinding heat evaporation for gas pipeline flange joints, vent gas into the duct air flow lead to the path of circulating air feed inlet, etc. increase, increase air flow by the blower and host more than duct import small cyclone collector, along with the I wind into the powder collected by another pipeline to discharge into the atmosphere, the gas pipeline through the square to collect the top atmospheric discharge still contains a certain concentration of dust, For further dust need to reprovision the vertical milling machine for efficient dust collector

Roller is the main components of the RCC grinding the material reducer is the main components of the transmission of power, the rotational speed of the disc is the main structure of the speed reducer output shaft speed vertical mill by the separator, the roller device, disc device, pressurized device, reducer, motor, shell and other components of environmental protection, energy saving;...


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