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Democracy of Goods

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Democracy of Goods
Roland Marchand explores the advertising techniques use to attract mass amount of consuming American citizens. He analysis different ads that use particular style of advertising. This advertisements were successful because of the emotional connection adopted to the product by advertisers when they implied will be acquire with its consumption. In the essay " The Parable of the Democracy of Goods," Roland Marchand presents the parable of the Democracy of Goods as a narrative use by advertisers to persuade consumers to by products that will equal to any wealthy person
Advertisers use the parable of the Democracy of Goods in different forms to obtain the same emotion of equality. Marchand analysis the different ways advertisers use the parable of the Democracy of gods. He writes “In its most common advertising formula the concept of the Democracy of Goods asserted that although the rich enjoyed a great variety of luxuries, the acquisition of their one most significant luxury would provide anyone with the ultimate in satisfaction.” In other words, the parable of the Democracy of goods tells consumers, even though, the wealthy has access to many luxuries, but their most   cherish luxury is available for anyone to enjoy. For example, Direct TV’s most recent commercial projects this style of advertisement. The commercial begins with an attorney getting ready to read the will of a multimillionaire testator to his family. The family gather together to hear the will consisted   of his current wife before death, and his ex wife who he had a child with. The two women sit in front of the attorney, two men stand behind each woman. The man behind the young wife seems as if they have a love affair. The man, behind the old wife, is the testators and the woman’s son. The attorney then reads that the testator leaves his fortune to his soul mate Adrean, the young women. She smiles with suppress emotion. He then continues with the reading an says that the testator...


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