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Ancient Egypt - Essay

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Title: History of Egypt

Section 1: Relational Identifications and Significances
Sir Williams Flinders a British archaeologist and Egyptologist was born in Charlton near Greenwich on June 3, 1853 and died in Jerusalem on July 28, 1942. He was an excavator named after his grandfather, Mathew Flinders, a renowned British explorer, hydrographer and navigator. Due to his ethnological and archaeological interests from childhood he invented sequence dating. This dating used the remains of ancient cultures to reconstruct the history (Hart, 2011). He used sequence dating in Egypt such as at Gurob. He found a number of Aegean and papyri pottery that validated dates of antique Greek civilizations. He also revealed the now-famous painted pavement at Tell El-Amarna where he excavated the city of Akhenaton.
Horus was a nephew to Seth. Seth had engaged in many competitions with Horus, he always tried to defeat him so as to take the position of the king, but he always failed. To settle this down Seth was made the King of the Southern Egypt while Horus was made the king of the Northern Egypt. Horus did not leave at that point, he continued proclaiming his powers to the extent of scolding the gods. This caused alarm amongst them as it triggered conflict among them. This called for Geb, Lord of Gods, to stand and appoint Horus as the king of the whole of Egypt. With Egypt becoming one then development diversified without boundaries. (Shaw, 2003).
Hatshepsut was a great grandmother to Akhenaten. Hatshepsut assumed power on death of her husband on c.1504. She was among the few females Pharaohs of Egypt. She funded major building programs and encouraged commercial expansion through trade expedition (Shaw, 2003). Akhenaten used the wealth of the Amen temples to strengthen the royal control of his officialdom, and this brought the loss of most of Egyptian possessions in Syria and Canaan. According to...


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