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Brief Introduction of Iphone4S

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iPhone 4 was ground breaking , and it’s going on to become the NO.1 smart phone in the world.
  “We started by adding the duo core A5 chip, which is up to twice as fast. Then we completely redesign the camera, which not only has 8 mega pixels, but all new optics. iPhone 4S also comes with IOS5 with over 200 new features and iCloud. And now, we’re introducing Siri.”
  “How can I help you? ”
  “Siri is whole new way interacting with you iPhone, using just your voice.”
  “Find me an Italian restaurant in North Beach.” “OK. These 25 Italian restaurants are in North Beach.”
  “It’s like, this amazing assistant. That listens to you, understands you, can answer your questions, and can even accomplish tasks for you.”
  “Move my meeting with Kelly Altec to 12.” “No, that you already have a meeting about Vouchi at 12 p.m., shall I schedule this anyway?” “Move it to 2.”
  “A lot of devices can recognize the words you say but the ability to understand what you mean and act on it. That’s the breakthrough in Siri.”
  “Read me my text.” “New message from Tony Rivas. Are you going to the party?” “Reply, yeah I’ll meet you there. Remind me to grab the present when I get home.” “Here’s the reminder for when you get home.”
  “It completely changes the way you think about what the phone can do for you.”
  “One of the biggest advances for the iPhone 4S is in its performance. It uses the same powerful duo core A5 chip that’s in iPad2 with 2 processors handling the workload. It really makes a big difference. Apps will launch and run faster. Graphics can render up to 7 times quicker, making game play a lot better. And in Safari, web pages will load up to twice as fast. And, it’s the world’s first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive calls. iPhone 4S is now a world phone.”
  “So both GSM and CDMA customers can run worldwide on GSM networks.”
  “iPhone 4S also has an all-new 8 mega-pixel camera, which dramatically increases the amount of...


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