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The Modern Nation

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The industrial period following the civil war was more than a technological revolution for industries, but a working class revolution that would lead to being proactive within democracy, improving their quality of life in the Modern Nation.   This was brought on by oppressive industries that had gone unregulated after they had reached the goals given to them by the U.S. Government. However prior to creating an atmosphere of oppression they had done a great deal to help develop and shape the Modern nation, and should not be viewed as entirely evil. In response to this the working class would react to this creating a turning point in history that would open the door for their involvement in democracy.
I can understand the response of the working class toward the large corporations that have grown powerful and unsympathetic to those that worked in oppressive conditions to make them succeed. I do not think that they were unjustified in wanting better wages and shorter work days, or even feeling resentful toward the United States government for not implementing policies to help protect their right to advance their socio-economic status from being stifled by the companies that they worked for. Democracy was not working in the favor of the masses but rather for the elite few that were already far better off than most would even hope for. I think that another side of the issue should be looked at before these companies that helped forge a nation are condemned entirely.
These powerful companies that have become large and powerful, such as the railroad industries, mining companies, and textile factories to name a few, helped to shape the United States into the Modern Nation government assistance. They were encouraged to aim their efforts at settling the west either directly through the laying of hundreds of miles of track for trains, or mining for coal, the chief source of fuel for almost all forms of daily activities. In addition to this, the U.S....


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