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                Prepared by The Interpreting Section

                      Limited Circulation

Danang 2011
Topic One: Opening and Closing Remarks
I. Pre-interpreting
Useful phrases in opening or closing conferences:
    ▪ Distinguished guests
    ▪ Ladies and gentlemen
    ▪ the Organising Board
    ▪ the sponsor of the seminar / workshop

  to warmly welcome ...
    o to extend one’s warmest welcome to ...
    o to express one’s special thanks to ...
    o to wish sb good health, happiness, and success
    o to give / deliver a speech
    ▪ On behalf of ..., I would like to ...
    ▪ On this occasion, may we ...
    ▪ It is with great pleasure/honor that I ...
    ▪ We are very pleased/honored to introduce ...
    ▪ It is my great pleasure to welcome all delegates here today ...
    ▪ I’ll hand you over to our first speaker and wish you a very enjoyable seminar.
    ▪ We are delighted to be here today to share ...
    ▪ Thank you for coming and sharing ...

II. Interperting Practice : Study the following pieces of talk and practise interpreting.
1. Mr. Chairman,
      Distinguished Colleagues,
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      I would like to express my appreciation to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Mr. Phan Van Khai, and his staff for their thorough preparations to ensure the success of this Summit.

2. Mr. Director General,
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you, dear Juan Somavia, for those words of introduction.
It gives me great pleasure to be with all of you today to open the first France-ILO meeting on "the future of work, employment and social protection". The meeting is the tangible outcome of an initiative taken jointly by the International Labour Organisation and the French Ministry of Employment and Solidarity in the framework of the co-operation agreement...


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