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Education Reform

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The issue of education reform has had a history as long as education has been around. Historically speaking, education has had a strong role throughout all significant changes and advancements over time. In the past, education was only accessible to the affluent. Today, education is generally available to everyone globally with the emergence of public schools. However, with these changes, it is important that education systems function efficiently and effectively. As a result, the topic of education reform becomes vital in all forms of political debate, all aspects of society, and in discussions involving progress and technology. In order to change the function of educational institutions, it is important that measures be taken to make an immediate impact on children and to help shape the future of society. The system that most modern nations utilize is based upon tests, evaluations and follows specific criteria that educators adhere to. The curriculum is outlined to provide a standardized education to all children attending school. The idea of education reform is international and different countries would be faced with different challenges and different variations of educational reform. The education reforms that affect developed countries within Europe and North America are of particular interest as they directly relate to the lifestyle for Canadian students. Various European countries and North American countries have relatively similar constructs of education with government-approved curriculums as well as politically charged environments that places education reform as top priority for candidates. These factors allow the investigation of education reform to span different countries and still remain comparable as articles.
The article, which appeared with the video of Obama on September 27, 2010 on www.cbsnews.com, had dealt with the education reforms that had been a part of Obama’s initiative called “Race to the Top.” This article describes the different...


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