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Stem Cell - Essay

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      I do believe that the federal funding for stem cell research should be increase to allow scientists to find cures for life threaten diseases. Without more funding, the research will stall and the potential solutions to human problems and disease it could bring to light remain hidden. In the United States, early-stage of biomedical research is largely financed by the federal government before preclinical development or clinical trials; when private investors steps in for profit. It is but fitting for the federal government to increase funding for stem cell research because regulate or sets the terms and conditions of all biomedical research through the different agencies like the CDC and FDA. Also, if the public wants to keep getting treatment and therapies out of the for-profit private sectors, the federal government has to keep the money flowing for the earliest stage of the research, to get investors pouring in for sole rights on the big profit, (Goldstein & Schneider, 2010).

      Due to the present economic crisis, it is but wise to increase funding for stem cell research, as it will create work for new graduates who will continue the trend in making the United States number one in the world on cutting edge medicine. The federal government is the only true genuine entity the will fund such research, with the sole benefit or interest of the public well being not the profit.

      Stem cell research is said to make significant advances in treating devastating and seemingly intractable diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and the eye disease that has recently been approved by the NIH (National Institute of Health). The federal government funds all biomedical research including stem cell research through the NIH, who is the eyes, ears, and mouth of the government on research. According to the Department of Health and Parks research on stem cells, in 2011 approximately $1,179 million was spent by the federal...


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