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Diabetes: Is There Enough Support?

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Type 1 Diabetes
There are symptoms that a person will have that could be an indication that they have diabetes:
  The initial symptoms of type 1 diabetes are
• Weight loss
• Excessive passing of urine
• Constant thirst
• Tiredness
• Blurred vision
• Itch skin around genitals or regular infections ,such as thrush
They can develop quickly, usually over a few weeks. In particular marked weight loss, often over a short period of 2-8 weeks, is the main distinguishing symptom between type 1 and type 2. The other symptoms can occur in either type. (www.bupa.co.uk)
In his book, Diabetes, The Complete Guide, Hillson (1996) observed that onset diabetes symptoms were subtle for older people and sometimes underlying unnoticed for long periods, whilst in contrast, younger people suffered overt and acute symptoms that developed over a very short period.      
Type 2 Diabetes
The symptoms between type 1 and type 2 are similar. (www.bupa.co.uk)
The person may have noticed a change in weight over recent months. They may have gained some (causing diabetes) or lost some as a result of high blood glucose levels. It is also possible that their weight has not changed; this could be because of a combination of high blood glucose and a high calorie diet. (www.diabetes.co.uk)
The difference with type 2 symptoms is that they can be mild and go unnoticed for years. (www.diabetes.co.uk)
Gestational Diabetes
With Gestational diabetes it is harder to notice the symptoms. The main symptoms are
• Increased thirst
• Needing to urinate often
• Feeling tired
The problem with this is that all the above symptoms are also common with a normal pregnancy. (www.bupa.co.uk)
Gestational diabetes often does not have any symptoms. www.babycentre.co.uk
There are no real external symptoms and it is mainly detected through screening. The classic symptoms listed above are rare. www.netdoctor.co.uk
“Many people feel nothing at all. They go to the doctors for a routine check up and are...


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