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Raymond Mill Winnowing Process

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Raymond Mill winnowing process
    Crusher [Figure 4-22a)] is the use of relatively fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate reciprocating broken ball mill stones.The crusher can be used for rough broken and in pieces, its advantages of simple structure, small size, external fragmentation is relatively large (i = 6-8), easy to operate, therefore, the use of a wide range ofCone crusher [Figure 4-22b)] is the use of eccentric rotation of the rotating cone placed in a fixed taper body, ball mill so that the stones by extrusion, grinding and bending role has been broken.This crusher can be used in the crushed and broken bits.It does not travel empty back, jaw crusher so the production of slaughter high, small power consumption.However, because structure is more complex, bulky, mobile is not convenient, so it should only for a fixed large quarries, road construction is rarely used.Crusher internal combustion suppression hit mostly in the dump car mounted a counterattack crusher hammer, it has a light and flexible and simple manipulation of the characteristics for urban road pavement rehabilitation works. Walk part of the working device of internal combustion kun hit crusher basic to the original body of the G-1 dump truck, working device is installed in front of the dump truck chassis, as shown in Figure l0-3 as shown in.A chassis equipped with a door-shaped to enhance the frame 4, the door-shaped to enhance aircraft built-oriented chute 10, with supporting Block Ll ball mill the hammer on (hammer giant 300 kg) installed oriented slip rate can move up and down ( swing turns 1.5 m).Equipped with a door shaped to enhance the dye on the top of the vertical beam slave tweezers round of 13, the lower part of the bottom shelf is equipped with the initiative sprocket 12, chain 6 is equipped with mention hammer pin 5, the chain around the initiative can wheel 12 and the driven sprocket 13, the work in order to prevent the impact of sleep reversal and stop working to make a high...


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