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Technology Affected the Types of Relationships People Make

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It must be admitted that science and technology has created wonders and even miracles, take computers for example, invented some 60 years ago, it have already transformed the way of our lifestyle, including communication. With more time spent on the internet, people start to worry about the drawbacks it brings. According to my opinion, I do tent to believe this is a positive development.

Traditionally, People made friends though social activities, such as parties, sports games or some business meetings. They got to know each other by face to face contact, body language and facial express help individuals understand others better. However, the internet totally broke up this system. It provides a large amount of methods, named msn, qq, twitter, facebook and so on, to develop relationship between e-friends who have the same interests. Additionally, e-mails had almost replaced the postal services, as it regarded to be more efficient and convenient.

As to the infections, I do not agree with the idea that claim the technology separated people from the real world. Some exaggerated reports drive individuals towards the thinking that the internet was unreliable, therefore, stay away from it is the wise choice. Unfortunately, while protect themselves, they lose the change to meet someone really amazing at the same time. Moreover, one doesn’t necessarily become isolated even if he spends most of his time along using a computer or a mobile phone. Real isolate occur when one is feeling nobody understands what he is thinking.

In conclude, the communication habits has been changed recently, which consequently relying on the technology rather than stereotypes. And as I see it, the development of the technology has more positive effects than drawbacks.


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