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I Am Sam

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I am Sam - Essay
Chelsie Nickerson
    The movie "I am Sam" is about a retarded man that had a baby with a homeless woman. She had a baby girl. The woman left Sam all alone to care for the baby girl. Little did he know that seven years from then he would be fighting to keep custody of his little girl, Lucy. In my opinion I believe that Sam should have custody of Lucy. He really loves and cares for her. Sam tries to give her everything that he possible could. He even surprised her with a birthday party, which is where this whole mass started.
    At Lucy's seventh birthday party, friends from school are invited and several mock Sam and Lucy. Seeing Lucy hurt and angry, Sam takes out his anger in a negative way upon the child. The child's parents' are already uncomfortable with Sam, and target him as unfit father. Lucy is removed from Sam's home and placed in court protection while the custody issue is resolved. The judge said that he could not support her the way that she needed to be supported with the job he had now. Sam quit his job and lost control until his lawyer, Rita, helped him out by saying that his family isn't so bad compared to hers. He then got the courage up and got a better job, a better apartment, and an answering machine. Lucy then found out that Sam lived just a few blocks down the street. She sneaked out every night to go to Sam's house to visit. Sam then ended up taking her back.
    When Lucy's foster family saw this happening they saw the special bond that Sam and Lucy had, they now feel that Lucy belonged with Sam. They saw the true love between them, and that Sam was trying to give Lucy a better life. Sam did not allow his incapabilities to stop him from caring for Lucy. With the support of his friends and neighbors, Sam raised Lucy by himself .His neighbor,Annie , would always assist him in catering to Lucy's needs. The constant struggle of both father and daughter were evident throughout the movie . Regardless of his condition Sam...


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