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Water Resources

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No water, no life.
No water, no life.So what'll happen if water has been used up on the Earth?

• The farmers can't grow crops without water,then we'll have no rice and no fish to eat.We'll lose our human's friends-animals.
Apr. 25, 2009

• If there is no water, people will be thirsty and die ,the plants can not grow,and the animals will have no way to exist. We'll lose a beautiful and living world.
Apr. 25, 2009

• About 100 countries are urgently lack of water. Over 1.7 billion population can not drink clean water. Many species have disappeared or are going to disappear in future, which makes declines of biological diversity. At mean time, the rapid growth of world population makes addition to the resource shortage.
Apr. 10, 2009

Apr. 28, 2009
No water,no life!


Without water the farmer can't plant crops,and we'll have no rice to eat.

No water,no river and no fish.


Apr. 28, 2009
The life without water
Can we have a comfortable life without water?

• People need water to save there lives.If there aren't any water on the earth.People can't do many things.Such as cooking,planting,drinking and planting.We will died.
Apr. 30, 2009

• No,we can't.We can't wash face, brush teeth, take a shower, or cook rice without water.When we're thirsty we have no water to drink.And our body will be serious water shortage, then it will cause to die. So we must economize to use the water and Without water we can't sweep the classroom,and we can't have a class in the clean classroom!
Apr. 29, 2009

• Without water,our school will not be able to hot meals for us, we could only eat cold food.We can not wash face,eat rice,take a shower and we have no water to drink.Terrible!
Apr. 25, 2009


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