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“Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”- to What Extent Is This Maxim Borne Out by Events in Animal Farm?

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Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely- and this is vividly and eloquently proven in Orwell’s short novel. “Animal Farm” is a simple fable of great symbolic value and can be seen as the historical analysis of the causes of the failure of communism.   “Animal Farm” resembles the Russian Revolution but it is also represents political revolutions where the fundamental ideas of justice and equality are tested. This novel was influenced by the overthrowing of Tsar Nicholas II in 1917. After he was overthrown, there was an opportunity to free the peoples who had been secluded in poverty and tyranny. “Animal Farm” reflects upon the issue of the replacement of one tyranny by another and of revolution and disloyalty. In this novel, the main animals which inspire and lead the revolution are the pigs, namely Napoleon.   The other animals looked towards Napoleon and the pigs for leadership and guidance and by and large were willing to follow them.   This essay will aim to examine just how they managed to maintain power over the animals and how they became corrupted and manipulated the animals’ minds to uphold this power.  
At first things went well and having driven Mr. Jones away, all the animals worked together for the common good. However, the pigs begin to fight among themselves for power. They also start to exploit and abuse the position of authority they have over the other animals. Napoleon began maintaining power by being part of a powerful organisation, The Pig Elite. Napoleon had already been marked as a prominent pig because he had a ' reputation of getting things his own way' .By being active in the debates, he received much attention and notice from the animals. He also garnered support from those who agreed with his views but were unable to express them themselves. Thus, he became a representative of these animals. However, Napoleon was quick to abuse this power through greed and selfishness. For example, he assigned the apples and milk for himself...


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