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Woman Are Better Drivers Than Men

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Women are better drivers than men.        
For many years there have been multiple arguments and disagreements on whether men are better drivers than women. However driving is not all about driving a car. How often do you hear that a man is the driving force of his home or his family? You don’t, because it is a woman’s roll to be the driver of her home and family. A woman is what makes a home a home and without a woman a man would be lost.   Women are better drivers of their home, family, career and their own destiny.

Without a woman a man would be lost and he would create a dysfunctional household. Therefore this goes to show that women are the drivers of both their homes and families.

Women are the driving force of their own destiny. Politicians, flight attendants, teachers, lawyers, engineers, wife, mother women do it all. There are approximately 124,000 women working full time and 63,000 women who work part-time in Australia . If men have a career that’s the end, one job is all they are capable of doing. A man’s day consists of working, coming home putting their feet up and being slaved over by his wife. A woman never stops even after a long day at work she comes home to her second job of being the carer of her family.  

If women are more than capable to be able to this do all of this, then of course women are better drivers of cars than men. Women have much more patience and less aggression than men whilst driving. You always see men doing burnouts, drifts around corners, speeding, revving their car at the traffic lights to get some girl’s attention (but in reality he’s really making himself look like an idiot), winding down their window to abuse someone for going to slow, abusing someone for going too fast, or abusing someone for cutting them off and even flicking someone the bird. This is when the proof that women are the better drivers come in. Statistics show that 80% of men cause the majority of car crashes .   In 2007 it was recorded that men...


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