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It Is Time to Select Hongxing Cone Crusher

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With the flourishing machinery industry, crusher industry has also been rising. There are many different types of crusher in the market. Competition between enterprises is getting fiercer and fiercer. Therefore, how to occupy a position in the crusher industry is the major task for machinery companies. It is essential to make the crusher better and more professional for the crusher manufacturers.

Before selecting crushing equipments, people should take everything into consideration the the requirements for the shape, the hardness of all kinds of rocks,fineness and uniformity of granularity of the crushing products.

The basic opinion of the lamination crushing theory is the adjacent particles will change their relative position, which will result the constant changing of the mutual acting force and vector during every moving cycle of the materials. In this way, it will realize the purpose that the load of the crushed materials changes their direction. Meanwhile, it will offer mandatory autogenous grinding, as a result of which, the hardest particles with the least defects in structure will crush the particles with weak key between the adjecent grain. In the particles with the same hardness, the particles coincide at the shear froce and dislocation sliding force will be crushed.

As a new theory of selective crushing, operators should consider the structural defect and nonuniformity inside the rock materials. Disaggregating all phase with the least newly-born surfaces is the essence of selective crushing. Under this situation, mining machinery manufacturers should research and develop new crushing technology and equipment that are able to process different materials.

Next we will list some principles used for properly organizing the crushing :

1.Massive materials will sustain the volume pressure formed by the part load in different idrections in the thick layers. rock crushers:http://www.hx-crusher.com/n110.html
rock crushing...


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