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Disadvantage of Television

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There is no doubt that the detailed descriptions of crimes have been given by most of newspapers and television programs these days. Based on this, some people think that this is adverse for the children. This is partly because such kind of descriptions will give them a deep negative impression. Surely, I agree that detailed descriptions of crimes should be limited by the government.

Also, I believe that the detailed descriptions of crimes will increase the incidence of crimes. They point out that thousands of criminals learn how to commit a crime from TVs or films. It is well aware that the crimes in young children are increasing annually, and it would associate with a wide range of crimes which children watch every day. For example, the same means, as the films show, is similar to the crimes in the actual society, such as robbery, sexual crimes and murders.

On the other hand, other people argue that it is pointless to restrict this kind of media. They probably think that the detailed descriptions of crimes are beneficial for people to prevent crimes. It seems that people will improve alert sense, when they see the crime means as TV programs show. However, they hardly realize that the negatives outnumber the positives. In the meanwhile, people can learn how to prevent crimes by the other means such as Internet and books.

In conclusion, I would like to express that the detailed descriptions of crimes should be restricted, but also that the government should appeal to people to learn how to keep away from crimes or dangers.


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