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Origins of English

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I was a lunatic to have dreamt of such thoughts. My mind was braising through every memory that lurked my mind at that very moment. As I looked out my bedroom window, the night -so magical, so mysterious. The moonlit sky encrusted with shimmering diamonds, and Luna the moon, a cosmic chandelier smiling down at me as she floats high overhead. The rustling of palm leaves, brushing the windowsills, soon put me to sleep – for that is how I remember it to be…
Then there was the wind, I heard it calling me, in the middle of the night. A whisper in my ear, beckoning me to frolic. It blew gently through my hair, as I danced across the soft green grass-it tickled my feet, especially when the breeze ruffled through the grass. My eyes opened as it flickered from the sunshine, I looked around –and I all I found silence. My eyes spotted a sign, and I knew enough to know that it wasn’t Greek, Egyptian or Babylonian. I could not recognize what I saw, more importantly, I did not know where I was. 
Heard a voice again, I   followed it, I   ended up at the gate, opened the gate and saw ( busy atmosphere) and felt lost, she met a person had problems communicating in english…, she died …..wakes up, and lived to tell the story, its just the beginning…..

English is termed as the world’s third most widely spoken native language following Mandarin, Chinese and Spanish. Its popularity across the globe makes it the official language in several countries despite it not being the native language. This is why it is said to be a global language   for everyone in the world to communicate.However, what is interesting is the fact that the English we speak today is 180* degrees different from exact language that was spoken several centuries ago. In fact is has evolved so drastically, it is near to impossible to recognize English at its beginning… (Unless, of course you’re studying it). How is this possible? The answer to that takes us back in time to when the Anglo-Saxon first invaded...


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