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Graded Liner to Solve the Anti-Classification of the Grinding Body

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Graded liner to solve the anti-classification of the grinding body

    The study showed that CaO is the main cause slag slag cement soundness poor, eliminate and soundness of cement to improve the the slag fCaO adverse effects can be mixed with Jaw crusher slag, reducing the alkalinity of the system.Slag hydration in slag slag cement system, the release of Ca (OH) 2 speed not only with its own grinding fineness is proportional to, and is inversely proportional to the hydration system of Ca2 + concentration.Ouyang East The results show that the steel slag grindability of clinker somewhat less, but better than the slag.Therefore, the total grinding power consumption determined under the premise, common grinding too long, make cement clinker particle size too small, a large number of hydration generated Ca 2 + may inhibit the hydration of the slag from the particle size is relatively thick slag in a timely manner in conjunction with fCaO generate the corresponding hydration products, but will lead to poor soundness of cement.Therefore, under the premise of slag and slag content, and strive to improve the fineness of Cone crusher price the slag to accelerate the brick making machine   reaction of the slag and hydration system of Ca2 + to create an environment conducive to the slag hydration external environment, it seems that for the elimination of the slag fCaO hazards a more active role.According to the analysis of test results and in front of the slag after pre-ground ingredients mixed with grinding grinding type ?is not desirable; use materials directly to Part I of common grinding mill type production is difficult to pass extend the material grinding to improve the performance of the cement strength.The three types of steel slag ball mill grinding process is debatable.First of all, the slag by the pre-grinding and subsequent grinding speed was relatively low; grinding together, slag, clinker particles than the pre-ground slag for large, common pre-grinding a...


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