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Designing the English Language 101

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Why should immigrants have to learn or have to choose to speak the English language.
According to most immigrants’ that choose to continue to speak only the language from their culture may be sacrificing their chances of good employment in America. To become a citizen in the United States you must learn to read, write, and speak English. What are some examples of English-only laws? A county passes an ordinance that prohibits the county from funding activities involving a language other than English. Bilingual services at the county hospital and direction signs in the public transit system are eliminated. A state passes a law making English the "official" language and prohibits government employees from providing bilingual services. Congress proposes a federal bill that would require all federal business to be conducted in English and terminates federal bilingual education support.
Shouldn't everyone learn English? Everyone who lives in the U.S. should learn English. But for those who haven't mastered English yet, there are many obstacles. Many immigrants are elderly and or disabled and unable to acquire English skills.
Making English the official language provides a unifying bond that new immigrants and lifelong Americans need to communicate across cultural barriers," Mujica said. (Mujica, Mauro E.)
To know that you must learn English to succeed in this country," Mujica said. "If you are happy parking cars and washing dishes, then you don't have to learn English." "The movement to make English the official language reflects the mood of intolerance toward people who don't speak English or who are bilingual," said Irma Rodriguez, director of the language rights program for the civil rights organization, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Several English – only measures have been introduced in Congress. This measurement requires that all government businesses to be conducted solely in English.
This measurement has gotten 194 co-sponsors....


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